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A short (ish) memoir of a 40 something's random days...

Dogs Dogs... Dogs!

Dogs…. Our favourite 4 legged friends!

This week are dogsitting for a friend while his family are all away…

I knew I had one coming… then they got 2 new dogs… so I banked on 3!

When they arrived, there were 4! Sadly after losing our beloved Ralphie, we only have our little Pig the Pug! So I figured 4 wasn't a problem; 2 are the tiniest little Russian toy terriers so I thought No problem…

Goodness how wrong was I? 😂 I'm contansly panicking the little things will go missing… thing 1 and thing 2! ( we've had to give them nicknames!

Belle (bellarina) Millie (vanilli) Dolly (Pig coz she's such a little porker) Nina and Pixie (Thing 1 and Thing 2, or Kremlins) they don't answer to their names yet.. but they answer when I call Kremlin's! 😂

These are seriously the smallest dogs I can fit them in my dressing gown pocket, they make Pig the Pug look enormous! (Although she does seem to be gaining weight and she's a bit (or maybe quite a bit) on the porky side!!

The kremlins are so small so they get loads of exercise in the Garden with the other dogs so it's just the 2 cocker poos and the Pug on the main walks! I'm just so freaked when they are in the garden in case they get out, even though I'm sure I've blocked up all the gaps! 🤔

So more news….

Looking forward to my friend coming home, she's been away for a week, and although it's gone quickly, I've really noticed her not being around, it's kinda just been like I've had to remind myself she's not there and not to go on autopilot to her house! Hopefully they have all had a lovely holiday together!

It's been a strange week this week, aside from the fact it rained for 17 hours straight and I was beginning to think we were going to get washed away…. the puddles were horrendous.

Looking forward to the sunshine next week… apparently it's going to be fine!

Let's keep our fingers crossed! 🤞🤞