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A short (ish) memoir of a 40 something's random days...

It always comes in 3's!

Sitting in the garden that Thursday after school, We were looking forward to the holiday… We were going with friends to a Caravan for a week! We were so excited, ok, well maybe I was just tad super excited, we hadn't been away for ages and we were going with my friend who has 2 daughters so I knew that my little Girlie would have a great time swimming, and we could go to the beach, and there was a clubhouse… but last time we went there, My daughter tried to BBQ herself for dinner!

She was sitting on the stool and I'd made her move as she was a bit too close, so she moved up towards the carpark. It had just got hot enough and I was just about to put some food on, when somehow she managed to roll off the stool she was sitting on, which was on a small slope in all fairness, and she managed to fall down the slope and onto the disposable barbecue i was about to put sausages on!

Luckily i reacted quickly and i managed to shove her out of the way, never the less she still caught the top of her arm, so after a cold shower and being wrapped in a soaked towel, we spent the evening at the Conquest Hospital getting her arm dressed, poor little poppet!

This time i was determined we were going to have an amazing holiday, so we were chatting while my daughter was playing on the slide about what we were going to do, and as she was whizzing down at a rate of knots as usual, she somehow managed to hurt her finger, catching it under the bottom of the slide!

She came over and showed me and i told her to run it under a cold tap in case it was bruised, it would help so she did that and went to bed!

Following morning, Up she got and came into my bedroom and showed me her finger, it had doubled in size! I took her straight to hospital! Turned out she had broken her finger and they strapped them together and made an appointment for fracture clinic.

Off we went on holiday, having an amazing week… swimming in the pool, the sea, jumping into the sea from the big wooden posts! We walked the beaches, played in the park, and just had an amazing time… Somehow, i managed to hurt my wrist and woke up the Saturday morning with a really painful wrist. On returning home, i took my daughter straight to the hand clinic the following morning for her appointment where they decided she had done too much and proceeded to tell us we needed to wait until 11am to have a splint fitted. In the meantime as my wrist was still hurting, i nipped up to Minor Injuries to have it checked, (assumed sprain but weird shooting pain) and found out I had actually cracked a bone in my wrist! :(

After waiting for a few hours and my daughter (and myself) had a splint fitted, we went off home… both shattered from hanging around the hospital all morning…

The following day, we got up, poodled about for a bit and decided to take the dogs for a walk! Off we went to the park, when all of a sudden Ralphie, our Black labrador x Collie went down and couldnt get up! When Ralphie was little (about 7 months) he jumped up on the bench and I kind of smacked his little bottom for trying to pinch food, when he decided to jump over the end of the Bench when i told him to get down and he broke the growth plate in his hip. (The ball of the femur) I searched for vets and found one that managed to fix him by cutting the ball off the top of the femur, and letting the muscle hold the leg in place.

Unfortunately the operation as much as it was originally successful, the muscle just wasn't strong enough to hold the leg in place and he had fallen and twisted it really badly, it was turning out and he was dragging it! I called the vet and got an immediate appointment, and took him down, but sadly, he could hardly walk and kept flopping down on the floor.

I asked the vet if we could make him a 3 legged dog, but the Vet said because he had so much muscle wastage in his back end where he had been walking badly for so long, the only option was to put him to sleep.

Devastation all round!!! Heartbroken doesn't even cut it!

What a week…. 2 broken bones and our lovely amazing Ralphie put to sleep…. Its all a real test of faith.

Makes me struggle to keep faith if i'm honest…

This article was originally published on @lynnedubell