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A short (ish) memoir of a 40 something's random days...


So today has been a day of thinking! I'm currently on a journey… I've recently returned to church. I've always been Church of England, but I've dabbled in the Catholic faith for a few years as my son is Catholic.

My ex was Catholic and wanted my son to be Catholic so he was christened Catholic. Which I didn't mind as I believe we all believe in the one God.

My journey has been a muddled one, being dragged to church when I was younger during holidays to polish the pews! (Totally put out as I was wasting extremely valuable time out from building camps and making fires). To singing in the church choir… (I'm pretty sure I Then, sounded like a strangled cat)

I remember vividly carrying down a large candlestick kind of item behind the vicar wearing his full robes swinging frankincense! (I think it was that, it got right in my nose and I swear if I think about it I can still smell it!)

I hated being in church over the holidays, I couldn't see any reason, but my mum was obsessed! (I think, sadly more with the vicar than the cleaning) I often wondered if something was going on when they disappeared off into the little back room! (Young minds working overtime i am sure)

We spent an awful lot of time there, me and my brother got bored easy and used to go and run around the grave yard!

When my mum left home we stopped going to church and my brother and I had ALL the time in the world as our Dad let us play out on our bikes and we were allowed to play out in the fields! We build camps and tree houses and it didn't take long for us to start getting up to mischief! Straying from our designated area!

It Didn't take long for the police to turn up on the doorstep… They brought my little brother home as he had been caught climbing the Bell Tower of our church! The vicar found him up the Bell ropes apparently!

That was Just the beginning……